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Pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic

Medicinal products
Medical devices
Food supplements

Product Launch

  • How to start your pharma business in the Czech Republic?
  • How to register medicines in the Czech Republic?
  • Are there any obligations before launching medical devices and dietary supplements to the market?
  • What are the competent authorities you must deal with and what proceedings must be followed?
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Prices & Reimbursement

  • How to get reimbursement of medicinal products from the health insurance system?
  • What are the differences between inpatient and outpatient care in respect of reimbursement?
  • Are medicinal products subject to price regulation and what criteria must be met in order to comply with the system?
  • Are medical devices reimbursed in the Czech Republic too?
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  • What are the basic rules for advertising medicines?
  • What is the surveillance authority?
  • Are there any relevant Ethical Codes?
  • What rules must be followed in respect to advertisement on medicines focused on the general public?
  • Does any special regulation for advertising food supplements exist?
  • What are basic rules for advertising medical devices and cosmetics?
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Distribution & Other

  • How can I become a distributor of medicines in the Czech Republic?
  • What are the main obligations of a distributor?
  • What provisions must be followed in respect of transfer prices?
  • How to prepare agreements on distribution of the products in accordance with the Czech law?
  • How does the Czech law system regulate the liability for damages?
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About this webpage

This webpage is for everyone who wants to start a pharma business in the Czech Republic and seeks the basic information on the pharmaceutical law in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to help everyone who intends to enter the Czech market in pharma business and seeks specific information how to proceed. On this webpage, you should find basic advice and information connected with the product launch to the Czech market (either Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Food supplements, or Cosmetics) and other related issues (prices and reimbursement, advertising, distribution, etc.).


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